Hello there!

My name is Bernadette and I am the voice behind  Originally, this site was meant to chronicle a garden that my boyfriend and I had started at his house in Oakland, California.  We did it for a year, and found it was very difficult to maintain with the combination of our schedules and the fact that neighborhood cats were CRAPPING in our garden (hello, giant litterbox) and that there were very hostile bugs living in the soil.  So I have decided to turn this into something more than that.

I started out writing a yoga blog (OmGirlSF), then a very short-lived fashion blog, a fitness Tumblr, and then became one of those annoying people who takes photos of their food and puts it on Instagram.  Instead of trying to maintain all of that, I figured I’d just post it all here – and hope someone finds it interesting enough to read!

I currently live in the beautiful city of San Francisco and spend my non-work hours doing yoga, spin, Zumba, ballet classes, stuffing my face, cooking food for my boyfriend and stuffing HIS face, painting, singing, and making jewelry (though I haven’t even started trying to put any of that stuff on Etsy – I mean really, there are only 24 hours in a day, y’all).  Stay tuned for more content to come!!



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